Hi, all,
I've been reporting since 1993, and I was wondering if anyone has ever "changed" their writing theory? I'm sure we've all "modified" our writing styles, to some extent, to suit our needs, but I'm curious if anyone has actually switched over to a totally different type of theory. (Like we have time to learn something totally new, right?)

I had heard of the Phoenix theory a while back, and I must admit it piqued my interest enough to make me consider at least researching it further. And then someone else mentioned the Philadelphia theory... Hmmm.... Just curious... I'm always trying to further improve my writing.

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Can you tell which books of Mark's you have and where can I get them. Thanks

Therese (saraymarie2000@yahoo.com)
Can you tell me how to get stenomaster, I am new at alll the new stuff available since I've been out of the court reporting scene for many years. Did you order Mark K's book on-line or is available at book stores?

You need to go on his site and ask him about it. Magnumsteno.com. His new book is awesome, too.

(I have a friend that was lucky enough to get one on Ebay.)

He also is doing one-day bootcamps nationwide right now. If he gets to your locale, I guarantee it will change your steno life in a good way. Check out his calendar when you go on his site. I know he's coming to San Diego during our Spring Break.

BUT, again, I'd put more emphasis on those nice old books of yours for now. Get back to being comfortable in your writing, get the old brain cells to recharge, and then that's when I think you might want to look into incorporating something new.
What is Mark Kislingbury's new book like, is it a new theory book or an updated theory book?

It's pretty updated and comes with his dictionary - it's a godsend!
I'm also wondering the same thing , I will be going back to school and that is what they will be teaching. I learned on the merit system al long time ago. I compared it to the phoenix theory and it does seem more confusing than what I learned originally. Please let me know if you find it easier to adjust to.


Phoenix theory is a "long" theory with way too many unnecessary strokes -- IMHO. Philadelphia Clinic is an old theory with many very good ideas which DO work with RT, regardless of what newer "RT" theories say.

I think to change your theory completely is difficult at best. Building on it with new, shorter, RT-compatible ideas is the best approach. Stenomaster has really good ideas that are easily incorporated into other theories. Join Brief Club here. There are a lot of good writing tips there.

It is my opinion that your theory 15 years ago probably rocks most theories being taught nowadays.

Do you still have your theory book(s)??

How far did you make it? What speed were you at when you quit??

It is also my opinion that if you start over with Phoenix that you will not make it through. I think the theory is hard enough to learn on a "fresh" brain, and I would think your logical thinking -- tugging -- wouldn't let you fully absorb the foreign nature of Phoenix after coming from presumably a logical theory.

There are a couple very successful stories of reporters on this site going back after quitting years before.

I'll share one and hope I don't violate her privacy.

My son is going to court reporting school and meets a girl he's rather fond of. (They're both full-fledged court reporters now. YIPPEE!!!)

Sorry to get sidetracked. I have a hard time controlling the proud mom inside. :)

So I end up meeting my son's girl, and her mom happens to be a CR, too. Her mom started the same CR school I attended two months before I took the CSR back in 1980. Her mom quits a couple years later, after making it to qualifiers, to raise her family.

I'm not very good with math, but her mom has been a court reporter now for I think about three years and absolutely loves it. I'm starting my 29th year. Oh, and I still absolutely love it, too.

Good luck!

P.S. - Do whatever it takes not to go the Phoenix route.
I knew you'd weigh in here, Tamz! :) How are you doing?
Yes, guess I'm predictable, Brenday.

Life is good.

How 'bout you??
Thanks ffor your input. I was also wondering is there a specific theory dictionary that you would recommend.
To amswer your other questions; I was almost at about 185 wpm. and I do still have most of the books and tapes.
I can't work on my very old machine. So I did by a new one with all the software that I should need to get practicing, starting with what I orinally learned from and then doing a lot of changes. I not familar with CAT yet, but I have all summer to figure it out.

I didn't have any paper at first, so I ordered that, not knowing that it needed a new ribbon and ink so I ordered that as well. Well, it turns out that with the machine being out of use for so long that the new ribbon and ink did not help it at all, even though they say to use one drop per hole(which I did at first) it still would not write. I kept adding a little more ink at a time and some letter did write and some didn't. I ended up just getting a new(refurbished) Sentura8000LX ( and I just got it a few hours ago). When I opened it up, I was like "Oh my God" how in the world am I going to learn how to hook all of this up. It all looks so complicated..all this computerized stuff.. but hopefully me and my husband will figure it out on time. He pretty much knows a lot of computers so I hope he will be able to help get started. It just seems so frustrating right now, not knowing where to begin. Sorry for blabbing.


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