I’m interested in doing more realtime for myself so that possibly one day I can hook up to my judge or any attorneys, if need be. I’ve only done one VERY SMALL five-page realtime feed for a deaf woman in juvenile court about a year ago. After I did it, I asked the woman if it was satisfactory for her, if she needed clarification on anything that I did, and she said that I did great. There were some things that I noticed that I flubbed on, but for the most part, it was fine. That’s part of the reason why I asked her. Anyway, when she said that, she went on to say it was far better than what others have done for her. Yes, it was only five pages, but that made me feel good, and I was very happy to have helped her.

Getting to my question/questions, what are the things that help you get ready for the smallest to biggest realtime jobs you’ve taken? How do you stay focused after lunch? How do you stay focused when you’re listening to complete rubbish?! :) Whatever it may be, from exercises, vitamins, concentration methods, ANYTHING. I’m very interested to hear what you do. I just need some pointers so that I can learn what works for me.

Gosh, I feel like I’m starting school all over again!

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I believe speed makes a huge difference in your realtime. Speed turns the rubbish into a symphony. :)
Oh, yes. That's why I practice at least 30 minutes a day when I have the time in between hearings. That's vital, I know. For the past couple months I've been practicing between 240-300. It's helped tremendously.
Thanks, Kelli. :)

I'll try it the next time I know we're having a hearing in court with an interpreter. I love those! I just don't like it when the witnesses try to start speaking English, or they answer "Si," and the attorney just keeps on going totally dismissing the interpreter of her duties ... lol Yeah, sometimes those interpreter hearings are a headache.

Anymore tips you might have on how you stay focused and keep from falling asleep would be great. :) My speed is there, I do make dict. entries, and I'm constantly learning something new with my software, but I do find that if it's extremely boring or my judge forgets to break, then I may slip a little, which I hate!

Okay, time to get ready for the Sex and the City premier party I've been invited to. It's the weekend finally! :)
Right. Makes sense. Thank you, guys, so much for your responses. :)
I'd also like to clarify that the deaf woman had lost most of her hearing over some years, could still talk, and could also read lips. Just in case anyone's wondering how I could talk to her. ;-) She was very nice and I can really understand how being a CART provider would be so rewarding.
Hi, and good luck to you. It's a never ending quest for 100% accuracy but that's the goal you never give up trying for. Some jobs you may one day be able to actually do it but it's not something that anyone on god's green earth can do consistently - even the speed champs will confess.

The one thing I've found helps most is to pay attention to every single untranslate or every single input that is not absolutely correct and perfect and refine, refine, refine. Clean up your dictinary, add to your dictionary one-strokers. All the proper names, acronyms, get them in there. I don't know what system you're on but get that artificial intelligence going for you and understand everything - I mean everything about your software to make it work for you.

This is just for starters! Good luck.
Thank you so much for your input! Great advice.

I must admit that I thought I'd get more responses than I got on this subject.

Oh, well! I will just keep on truckin' with the info I do have. :)


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