I was wondering how many court reporters/scopists are experiencing a shortage of work? I am a scopist, and every agency/reporter I call has the same story- 'It's very slow right now." I was talking to a court reporter the other day who told me her friends from out of state, are telling her they are as busy as ever. Why would the NY metro area be slow??? Anyone have any thoughts on this???

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I don't know about everyone else, but I've been super slow this year. So far, I've made half as much as I made last year. Hoping it picks up soon!!! I am a reporter but am scoping right now and have clients in California, Arkansas and Texas. They are ALL slow so I don't think it's just the NY area.
It has been a slow year! I'm in the South Jersey/Philly area -- not too far from NY -- and this is my worst year ever. My husbad keeps telling me to enjoy the down time, but that's easier said than done. Everybody I know in this area is slow. Please remind me of this when I complain I'm too busy!
It comes and goes --- I'm in the NY, NJ, Pa area and I only work part-time, so I at least want those days to work, but it has been picking up more since Easter time.

And don't worry, we are all the same --- it's feast or famine. lol lol


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