Just curious. Has anyone heard of 7 years being the "norm" for an individual to complete schooling as a steno writer? Anyone heard of this statistic being given before? I ran across a statement by a member on this site indicating 7 years is the "norm" for a steno writer to finish school, but maybe it was only sarcasm. I certainly don't want this egregious misconception to be advertised to any prospective students for them to be discouraged by such a statement. Let's correct the record just in case!

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here, here! In truth, the only person I knew who was in for six years was my aunt Nancy. crappy school. She got from Theory to 60 in FIVE YEARS. my brother, on the other hand, got from theory to 160 in a year to the day. He's exceedingly talented, though . . .
We're not talking about becoming a brain surgeon. We're talking about becoming a steno writer court reporter. 7 years is not the norm.
Those CR students still striving after five, six or seven years and beyond, if you still want it, go for it!
I don't think any schools are telling students 7 years is average!!!! No one would sign up!
I was four years. I was raised with very low self esteem. I got enrolled in the program with the idea that I wouldn't finish. I still did it in four years - mainly because the first school was bad.
I do believe a good instructor helps in CR school and is an important component, but a student's overall success depends on their own dedication and initiative. CR school is unique and it's unlike any other vocational training in certain aspects. No one else can give or teach you the ability to write 225 wpm. It comes from within. A teacher can't make a student's fingers write faster. A student has to achieve that on their own.

And in certain aspects, just like students at a university or any other college, students don't get their hands held and a pat on the back and pushed along like in kindergarten. No one in CR school should expect that either. You're an adult. Sometimes in life you must inspire and encourage yourself. There's not necessarily always going to be someone there to do that. Once you learn the basics in CR, you're off and you're speedbuilding. Of course an intructor can advise you and give you techniques along the way, but you're basically on your own to practice and achieve the skill. I saw a lot of students in CR school constantly trying to shift the blame on anyone but themselves as to why they couldn't finish, and many people go through life always blaming others and refusing to accept responsibility for their own success. I do realize there are some bad schools, just like anything else there's good and bad, but you must do your research and get the facts to make sure you're in the right school.
In response to Patricia's statement: "I don't think any schools are telling students 7 years is average!!!!" Again, my initial post did not say schools were saying 7 years is average and my post had nothing to do with that. A member of this site (a court reporter practicing an alternative method) posted a comment that 7 years was the "norm" for steno writer CR school. I merely raised this issue to counter that comment and put that "7-year norm" myth to rest.
My comment was responding to Monica.
Oh, I see. My fault. I should have looked more closely at the thread. Thanks! : )


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