Hi, Everybody!

Just wanted to take a moment and offer my CONGRATULATIONS to Kelly for getting CSR Nation back!

A long time coming; hopefully she can do some relaxing now!


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Kudos to you, Kelly!  WOW!!!


Wow, it has been so long, Glen.    I'm so happy for you, Kelli!   





Congrats.  Glad you're back!!!!





Yeah, I'm glad to see it too.  I thought it was gone forever!!



Good job, Kelli.
Yes, quite an amazing ordeal.  Kelli, you have great intestinal fortitude.  It's great to be here. 
I'm so glad CSR is back.  I really miss this site.   Good job, Kelly.  
Hopefully I can get the site back to the way it should look soon.   There is only one person in the world that would do this to this website. 



You need to take a little time to actually "read" the email I sent out.  I put together CourtReportersSite.com as a temporary site till I could get the Nation back.  If people want to get cover depo email blasts, they should go to that website and join their group.  No one is sending out jobs here.  That was the point.


I am not hijacking myself.  I own both websites.  Work with me here!

Wooohooo!!! Thanks, Kelli!
Great to see "The Nation" back in action :)


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