Since Cindy Valleley interjected a discussion through the 2010 Scopist Rating Poll regarding the lack of online scoping training programs need for accreditation, I felt it important to begin a different thread regarding that specific topic.


I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding the need for accredited programs in the scoping field and that is why Scoping Made Affordable (SMA) has been working since this past summer to get its program accredited.
I have been in negotiation with at least one educational institution since September of 2009.

It takes different skills for different professions. I have been in the education field since 1986 and love the work that I do. Because of my unpleasant learning experiences when I chose to enter the field of scoping, I definitely recognized the need for an evaluation process to be instigated. SMA developed that evaluation process a year ago while also relying on the expert advice of several professional within the field.

And even though the NCRA does not have a certification process in place for scopists, SMA is the only online scoping training program that I am aware of that actually tests its students editing skills with audio..

That process is crucial to the success of a scopist and SMA explains that, including a page explaining the 'brain' process which must occur, on my website of

Ms. Devon Roberts
Joyful Leads

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