This must be a pet peeve for any reporter who freelances for a lot of different agencies.  Even though their email address is something like "calendar@XYZ agency," when I look at the email in my Gmail program, the "from" line just says "Calendar."  Half of them come up as "Calendar" or "Schedule" and I have to click two levels in just to see who it's from.  I don't know if this is a Gmail thing or the agencies decide to call themselves "Calendar," as if they're the only one, but it's driving me nuts when I try to scan my emails quickly.

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This drives me nuts, too.  Mine usually just say "Depos."

Same here! 

You can edit the address book for your e-mail account to say whatever you want it to show.  I just add the agency name to the "Calendar" or "Schedule" part and then I can see who it's from instantly.

If it's Gmail, just open your contacts, select the offender, and then change what's called the Display name.


Not sure how you did that, because although I Googled it and there is a way to change your own display name, it doesn't seem that there is a way to change the sender's display name that shows when they email me.  

I do have all the agencies in my Gmail contacts with listings such as "Jones Calendar," with an email address of "," and when I send them an e-mail, the display name says "Jones Calendar," but yet when they send me an email, the sender displays as "Scheduling."

I went to the Gmail help forum, and everybody there says you can't do it.

I did find this question and answer from Quora.  I'll try it if I can figure out exactly what he's suggesting!

"Can I change a sender's display name in Gmail?
It's a five-year-old question and up until to day it's still driving me mad...
I find myself in a situation exactly like the one here (and besides, some people just choose ridiculous display name for their G+ profile and every mails from them is displayed with that name, instead of the names I can manage):
I have a contact who uses a made-up name on his email account -- so let's say email from him shows up in my inbox as being from "Bill Watson" even though his actual name is "Warren Smith." This has become sort of maddening for a number of reasons (I am always momentarily confused about who this mail is from; I think using the alias is sort of crazy; I have a close friend named Bill; etc.).
When I get an email from this person, I would like it to display in my Gmail inbox as being from Warren Smith (the name associated with this email address in my Gmail contacts). Is there a way to do this?"
"No, there's no way to do exactly what you ask in Gmail.
"However, try this: Create a rule for email from him, such as from:"" and make the action set a label called (say) BILL WATSON. Now make that label display in an eye-catching color (pull down the label's menu in the lef-hand nav)."

I opened my Google contacts, searched for the agency who I wanted to change.  Click to open the contact, then click the pencil to edit. 

Attached is a screenshot of the line item I edited, which I believe is called the Display Name.  This does work on my system because I did a test.   I edited my BF's contact display name and had him send me an email.  His display name was changed.  Hopefully this helps.


That's funny - Network Depo is one of the contacts I was complaining about!  And in my contacts I do have them down as Network Calendar.  I created all my contacts using the name of the agency plus "Calendar."  But that's still not displaying when they send me emails.  

Well, beats me.  Not sure why it works for one and not for another.  

Best of luck figuring it out.


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