Agency Not Paying Any Copy Money if the Transcript is a Minimum Transcript

I just found out that I an agency I did a job for -- through here -- does not pay anything to the reporter on any copy orders made if the O+1 is considered a minimum transcript. Please be sure to ask that question before you accept any assignment. (I am in the SF Bay Area market.) I have never heard of anything like this before. This is a new low! So what's the motivation for me to ask if anyone wants a copy on something when it's a short depo when the agency is pocketing 100%? This was a 30-page job, and as far as I'm concerned, outright theft. I will NEVER work with this agency again.

If the people running CRS Nation would like to contact me about which agency this is, please feel free to do so.

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Are you ever right there, Jennie! Think about it ... court reporters generate a page-numbered transcript. The fees are X times the number of pages. Leaving aside the reformatting lawsuits that are ongoing against a couple reporting agencies, and all those extra charges that are tacked onto a transcript as "administrative fees," oh, and whether or not to charge transcript page rates for the condensed transcript and word index ... leaving those aside for a minute, you take the number of pages times the page rate and it's easy and obvious to figure out if someone's been charged accurately for the work of the court reporter. On the other hand, for attys who charge in 15-minute increments and can bill out more in a week than there are HOURS in a week (including nights and weekends!), I'm with you: The nerve! Well put, Jennie.

Just as additional information, in AZ the reporter is required to know what the agency bills to the client so they can do the math and make sure that the anticontracting price differential is met. It's the license holder's responsibility to verify; and if the agency violates the rules and the reporter permits it by inaction or not knowing, it's the Certified Reporter's ass that's on the line. Now, that's a harsh rule but is, in fact, the law in AZ.

One always needs to check the rules rules when they are statutory, not bank on some else's opinion.

Hello, Allen. And Merry Christmas, by the way .. it's 1:12 a.m., and Santa's come and gone here in Washington, D.C. As you may know, the state of reporting here in DC, VA, MD is out of control, both on the reporter side and the agency side. We are desperate for state licensure, certification requirements, either, or both. Putting some agencies' and reporters' asses on the line would be fine by me!


It's been my experience in California (since '82) that agencies have NEVER told reporters what they charge to attorneys. It's a strict page rate in Cali, end of story. If you're waiting to get out of the dark, it might take a while. I don't think it's going to change anytime soon.

And as far as what other reporters are making, this site is going to be your best bet to find that out. But I'd say find the going regional rate that's comparable with your skill level and stick to your guns. In this market we're unfortunately in, however, it's my experience that very few reporters can command top dollar day in and day out.
Could you let me also know which agency this was?
you can email me:


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