I would love to hook up with someone in the New England area who uses digital cat. I am from Rhode Island.

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I have been using speedbuilders.com for building my skills. They have a DigitalCat CD to help you learn DigitalCat.

It's $35.00. I bought it but I have not yet opened it. I got started on DigitalCat in less than five minutes (I'm not exaggerating).
Lisa --

Mary Jo is right -- learning digitalCAT is easy! You can find the course MJ mentioned here:


It also comes with a good lesson on how to use the Commands ... and if that's not enough, I also talk about that in DigitalCAT: By the Numbas.

I don't think you'll have too much trouble learning to use digitalCAT ... but for the more advanced stuff, a trip to Virginia for some FREE training might not be such a bad idea!
I downloaded the dictionary from DigitalCat also. I took Stenograph. (Some of this was so easy, I was sure I was doing it wrong).

It got complicated. I'm still trying to build my speed. I'm trying to get a good dictionary. You can't really build speed - and believe it - when you look at the transcript and have a lot of unedits.

My solution is: To work on just my dictionary, I have downloaded a deposition transcript off the Internet. I happened to get Monica Lewinsky's deposition. I put it in my favorites. I write clean for a Q and A. Look at it. Then add to my dictionary or fix my writing.
Hi, Mary Jo.

GlobalCAT has a dictionary builder included in it. It flashes words on the screen, you steno those words, and they get added to an .rtf dictionary ... which you can then load into digitalCAT!

Might save you a lot of trouble!


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