I'm on Eclipse with a Mira. I've been using an Acer netbook for the last six months or so but it's crashed a few times -- one time I got the Blue Screen of Death, one time last week just gray -- weirdest thing I ever saw. So since I got it at Costco, I was going to return it and get a new one but now they have the HP instead, which actually has a nicer keyboard. but it also has the Atom N270 Processor and Win 7 instead of my favorite, XP. Anyone using this with Eclipse? Good, bad, ugly? Thanks!

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I have a Dell Mini and love it! A friend of mine had her HP crash as well. The dell has an atom processor, several usb ports, and I have never had an issue with it. I don't have Eclipse but I do have Acrobat Pro V.9 and DigitalCat and it's always worked fine.
For what it's worth, I too love my Dell Mini. I haven't got my Eclipse software yet (I'm in school), but I was comfortable buying it knowing it comes standard with XP. I've been using my Mini daily since June and it is very stable. I've always preferred Dells because of their reliability and excellent customer service.
I have heard that Windows 7 works great with Eclipse. I have the Acer mini and I have taken it to depos and used it as my main computer but the screen is so small. Makes me a bit nervous. I like the big screen.

My husband just bought the Dell netbook and it is a little bigger. I like it. I have not seen the HP yet. I went to Best Buy today to buy a camera and there were tons of netbooks. I think everyone has one now.
Well, my question is all for nothing, it turns out, because Costco will not refund my Acer after 90 days -- will have to deal with the manufacturer. Not sure when they changed their policy. So I don't think I'll be getting the HP soon although the keyboard is SO much better than the Acer.

I love the Acer for its size. I do a split window when I'm working so I can do edits and globals in one window and follow along the current feed in the other window, and it's big enough for me. I do take my regular Lenovo laptop when someone wants to hook up because of the issue with using two serial to USB connectors, and it's kind of hard to get used to having that huge screen in front of me again!

Kelli, one more thing -- I saw a reference about putting in your zip code for the cover jobs feature but I can't figure out where to put mine in. Please advise! Thanks!
I have an hp mini and i haven't had any problems with it. I have XP. I have a friend at hp who said if you plan on getting a mini with XP and not Win 7, you need to buy by the end of January, because XP won't be available after that. I use Stenovations and have had no problems.


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