I had a deposition where the plaintiff attorney didn't show up. Only the defense attorney was present and took the depo. In a case like that, what would I put on my appearance page? Would I still state the plaintiff's atty info as if he had been there or not? Is there something specific I would have to put in there?

Please help!

Thank you

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Chrystal, The appearance page is only for those who are present.  Just put the defense guy on it.  That's all you need.

Okay, thank you.


So don't even mention that the other attorney was not present?

I would check what the preference is of the agency that gave you the job.  Many I work with want you to list all parties and put (Not present) or something similar under the firm info for those who didn't show up.  Other agencies say don't list them.  It's about 50/50  for me personally.

What I do is if I have the attorney's info that is not present (perhaps it was given to you by the other side because he/she wants a copy) I'd put his appearance and above it put (Not Present) as Lisa suggested.  However, if you do not have any information, then I don't put anything at all for that person.  That's all you can do.

I put the plaintiff's attorneys name with (Not Present) also.  You can also call him to see if he/she wants a copy.


I put 

For the Plaintiff:

(No appearance)

For the Defendant:




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