I always wondered if they were.   I got a CCRRA practice CD, which is supposed to be at 180 wpm, and my meter is showing 220 to 270 wpm.  You mean I thought I was writing fast all this time?   I'm so bummed out!!!!   Someone please tell me the practice CDs are not 180.   I can barely keep up, much less think to write "taut" instead of "taught."   Holy crud!!

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I think those counters are counting the number of key depressions per minute so how you write could affect it by some margin.  So if you get behind and play catch up, you'll see the words per minute speed up.

Clay Fraizer recently had a screenshot on his Facebook page showing that he hit *500* wpm ...!

The theory is he wrote a few phrases that boosted his speed a tad over a one- or two-minute period.

I know the WPM on my Diamante shows much, much faster than the WPM on my Eclipse software.  I actually think it is recording the voices and how fast they talk because one time it had 310 wpm and I know for damn sure I can't write that fast, but the guy talking sure felt like he was talking that fast.
I agree with Kerry.  Mine always seems to show lower than it really is, because I brief everything.  So it usually says like 180 but it's really more like 220.  And it fluctuates all over the place too.  I don't put much stock in it.
I like the fact that we have that feature, though.  At least I get a basic idea of how fast things are going.

Yes, it's nice that both the CAT software and the writer (at least my Diamante) show wpm, even if it's just an idea.  Faster shows faster, and 80 wpm is, well, probably 80 wpm.  A basic idea.  Kind of like Chico's.  I was THRILLED to discover I wore a size 3!  Uh, yeah.  A kinda sorta size 3.



Without double-checking my Case Catalyst software book, I'm pretty sure it's how fast you're writing, not how fast they're talking.  So if you write everything out, you'll be writing faster than they're talking.



Yep.  Since I brief everything, it's always way lower than the actual speed, and I get absolutely nothing out of it.
Keith - You've made me feel sooo much better.  I thought could I just be slower than everyone else?  I'm always hearing from other reporters 260 - 300 is on their clocks.  Now, maybe it's just that I'm not looking when it's that crazy fast, but any time I look up at it, usually 187 is my speed.  And I brief everything also.  I'm on Eclipse and I'm always taking advantage of their suggestion box!
Yep, Donna.  I'm usually right there with you, even when it's very fast and I get every single word.


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