I just received this mic I bought for $7.99.  Tested it on my laptop though the sound recorder.  It is as good or better than the Labtec.  I don't know how long it will last, but it works great!!!  No battery.

Amazon wants more shipping than the cost of the mic, but I bought it from this seller and the shipping for ground was only $2.99



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I bought those about a year and a half ago and I don't think the sound quality is even close to the Labtec microphone.  No comparison.  Maybe it matters which computer you're using.  I had to stop using them because I couldn't hear anything. 

Well, I checked it on two laptops, my Dell and Fijutsu.  Sounds great so far.

Maybe they improved them?

I use a Toshiba.  All laptops are different; you just have to find what works for you.  On one of my Toshibas the Labtec mic is wonderful.  On the Toshiba with Windows 7, it doesn't work at all.  You just have to find what works.  Never know.

Kerry -

I tried that microphone as well, when we could no longer source the Labtec microphone for resale.  In fact, we ordered one of every inexpensive microphone on the market and none of them could compare to the Labtec 333 that we sold for many years.  We have since developed the Depobook Stealth Microphone that far exceeds the quality of the Labtec, still no battery to mess with, and they are made of anodized aluminum and very high quality components - nearly indestructible, which is important for us working reporters. (Shameless plug - you can only find the microphone for sale here:  http://www.depobookproducts.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productI...)

We also do sell the conference pro microphone that Kelli mentioned the other day (USB microphone) but keep in mind that it is as large as a videographer's table mic, and the Stealth mic is about as big as a small thumb.  I've been using a Stealth microphone for over a year now and love it. Designed BY a court reporter FOR court reporters.

Eric Johnson

I'd love to check your microphone out, but a huge part of the appeal of the Labtec microphones was the price.   Your microphone at $59 is a huge increase over the $4.99 Labtecs I bought on eBay.

Lisa, I hear what you are saying but these really are heavy duty top of the line microphones.  We had so many customers asking for a battery-free, durable, high quality omni-directional microphone, that we had no good alternative but to manufacture our own.  Most of the Labtec vendors were selling those mics for around $15-20 and the life span wasn't super long as they were quite delicate.  Our Stealth microphone should last a very long time, even with daily use and abuse.

Eric, do you have money back guarantee on that microphone?  Didn't see that on your website.

Yes, absolutely.  If a sound card, mic, or any other item does not work for a customer we always offer a money back guarantee.  I'll have to get that added to our site policies.  Thanks for asking.


Okay, Eric, I'm taking the Pepsi challenge here and trusting your mic/sound card combo.  I just purchased them and you better be right!!



I just bought 5 brand-new Labtec microphones for $2.99 each plus shipping on eBay.  Received them in a couple days.  So there's still some floating around out there.



Just grabbed six of those myself last week.  Came in a matter of a few days.  Work fine on my Win 7 Lenovo.


For some reason, my W7 Toshiba does not recognize them at all.  No sound quality at all.  Not quite sure why.


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