I like cheap, so I figured I would try it.  I went to Wal-Mart this morning and got it.  Followed instructions, plugged it into an empty spot on my wi-fi router.  It did take a little longer for the activation process.  The first month is free.  Unlimited U.S. calls.

I have made a few calls on it so far.  Far superior to Magicjack.  Cheaper than Vonage.

I know most of you have iphones, ipads, etc.  If you want an extra phone line at a very cheap cost, this is good. (I have four phone numbers.) Would be great for an extra phone line for your kids home phone.  (Remember, you can log in and see calls coming in and calls going out).


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Mary Jo, you do have to have a computer on though for the phone to work, right?  What about a voicemail when you are not using it and your computer is off?  I tried Magic Jack and this Net Talk Duo.  Both had "okay" line quality.  But after a week, Magic Jack quit getting incoming calls.  They went straight to voicemail.  I was online typing messages with Magic Jack (the only way to communicate with them) twice for a total of two hours with them having me uninstall and install drivers and it didn't fix it.  I think Comcast's modem purposely blocks these things.  The Net Talk Duo worked both ways, but I had to keep rebooting it every morning to get a line.  They never answered my emails to customer service.

But I just went with a plain landline, no VM or caller ID or long distance for my home phone and save a ton of money.  My cell gets kind of iffy reception in my house at times so I need a landline.  My total phone bill, even bundled with Internet, went down from $97 to $60.  It's worth it to me.  There were $28 of taxes and fees for the telephone part of that bundle.

But I'm curious about your phone.  What is the company called?

I still have my MagicJack (I use it for when I have to give someone a phone number, but I don't want to give them a number). Although my call quality is poor, it always works.  Vonage was up to $25 a month.

The BasicTalk does have voicemail.  (I haven't gotten any calls yet). It will have caller ID if you have a called ID phone.  Also has call waiting.

I think it's just called BasicTalk.  The box is connected to a port in my wireless router.  I'll go do some checking and I'll take a couple pictures.

Here's the cut and paste:

  • Unlimited1 U.S., Canada, & Puerto Rico calling
  • No annual contract! No hidden fees
  • No cost to keep your number
  • Crystal-clear calling
  • Includes Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 911
  • Online Customer Support

Here's voicemail cut and paste:

Your BasicTalk™ Voicemail is turned on as soon as your BasicTalk service is activated, even if your BasicTalk Box™ is not set up. The first time you call into Voicemail, you will be prompted to set your Voicemail PIN and record your greeting and name announcement.

  1. Call Voicemail:
    • From your phone with BasicTalk service, dial * 1 2 3.
    • From any other phone, dial your BasicTalk phone number and press the * (asterisk) when Voicemail answers.
  2. Enter 1 2 3 4, the temporary Voicemail Password/PIN, when prompted.
  3. Follow prompts to enter your new Password/PIN. Password/PIN must be 4 to 15 digits.
  4. Record your name announcement when prompted.
  5. Record your personal greeting when prompted.

You can see, this little box is a whole lot better than the Magicjack box (which is USB).  See the blue cable in one end.  The other end of the cable is in my wireless modem.

I had Vonage for several years.  The computer does not need to be turned on.  (Since Magicjack is USB in the desktop, to use a Magicjack the computer does need to be turned on).

I just opened my junk mail.  BasicTalk is put out by Vonage.  Since I am a previous Vonage Customer I qualify for BasicTalk, at $10.00.

Could I keep my same phone number?


I just spoke to a friend today in Texas, spoke for almost 40 minutes.  The call was fine.

I was going to get rid of my land line.  Then I realized I need my land line so I can call my cell phone when I lose it (at least once a day, LOL).  This would be far cheaper than the $40 per month I am paying to ATT.  I have U-verse.  Hmm, I'm going to think about this.  $30 per month would be $360.

Thanks for posting this, Mary Jo.

The website picture shows a wireless phone.  (I'll buy one).  In doing the set-up it mentioned about only being doing three.  I think this means you can have three different phone lines. (Might be nice if you have kids).


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