I've seen a couple threads on this and I was wondering if someone could answer a couple questions on it before I run out and buy one. Are you able to design the sticker however you want? The ones I have now I had printed for me and they have my name, a place for the number, a line for the number of pages, the date, and the witness's name, plus a heavy line all around it. Will I be able to make something like that? And how hard is it to design the sticker? How much do the stickers cost to buy a roll? I literally have enough exhibit stickers to last the next 10 years probably, but right now I've got about 75 exhibits to mark and I'm just tired of writing out all the info. (Well, actually I type it on the stickers in my typewriter except for the number of pages, but still!)

Thank you!!!

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Oh, we don't typically write the name of the witness on the labels in NY, and if you look at the labels I made I just have to fill in the date and the letter or number. Pretty easy...and quite cost effective!
So, you have all those labels and STILL bought that machine??? lol
Deborah, I totally agree! I always wrote the name of the witness -- expected around here -- never typed. Type? I can't remember when I last owned a typewriter! I think it was early '90s. ;)
I type them because I can type faster and neater than I can write! Especially since they're on a regular size sheet -- 50 labels per sheet. My first job at 15 was sending out announcement and reminder cards to all the patients of an opthalmologist -- all 10,000 of them. It took me the entire summer, 40 hours a week, to handwrite all the names and addresses on postcards. My hand has never been the same, LOL, and my handwriting is BAD, plus my hand aches if I write for a long time. I bought an IBM Selectric about 15 years ago from a retired lawyer for $50 and it still works great although it's harder and harder to find the ribbons. Anyway, I guess I won't need it now! Some people around here use the generic stickers with nothing but the number and the date, but I think mine always looked a lot more professional. The only difference now is they were in blue and the Brother only uses black, but I'll get over it!
So the kids are now hungry, and my BF is about to leave me. But, I have finally found a design I'm happy with!

Just what I needed -- something else to obsess about!

(Kidding about the kids -- they had dinner)
LOL Janet! Priorities, right? :D
They loved the exhibit stickers today!
Just stumbled upon this topic.

My husband works for Brother so I looked in my toybox of electronics, usually freebees, and there it was, a QL-550! But it is about the size of my writer. Is the 570 model smaller than that? I will definitely play with it at home and see if I like it.

$39.99 at New Egg. ENDS TOMORROW, 11/17. Have purchased quite a few things from them, and they're great.


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