Can someone tell me how to undo an E define?. I tried to delete it from the Reveal Codes screen, but that didn't work. I'm on Case Catalyst Version 9.


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1. CTRL-Y to open the global table
2. search for the bad global
3. highlight it and then use use the marvelous UNDO GLOBAL function!!!

Thank you so much. I think I may NEVER e-define anything ever again!

I could not live without E defines. So continue to E define a lot, but when you're editing a job later (not while doing RT), make sure that they apply forward only (IOW, uncheck "entire file") unless of course you're 100% sure that it will be a good thing to apply it to the entire file. And the first time something goes awry, go look at your global table and frequently you'll find the culprit global, which you'll then "undo."
in lieu of going to the global table, to undo the last global you did the default keyboard stroke is Control Shift g. you can also reight click the entry and select undo global


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