I am a reporter who scopes for another reporter. Yesterday she took a job and sent me the first half when they broke for lunch. I've scoped it already. I'm wanting to include the second half at the end of the first half, but the audio doesn't come with it. If I try to associate a new wav file, it wants to replace the first half's wav file. I want to keep the audio with the files so she can listen to any spots that need it. I also do her cover pages and I need to put the two files together to get correct page numbers. Do I just have to scope them separately and she will have to merge them when she's through proofing them?

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What system are you on? I don't know about any others, but on Eclipse, you cannot merge in the second part and keep the wav file. If I have to break a file at lunch, I just merge them together when the job is done -- scoped, proofed, corrected, etc. She'll probably have to wait to put the page numbers in the index until after she merges them.
to keep the second file's audio usuable you need to edit the second half with its audio and then when you are done append the second part to the first part.

From the Help info:
When appending a file that contains audio into a file that contains audio, the portion of file you are appending does not remain linked to its original audio. CATalyst displays a warning message allowing to continue or cancel appending the file.
If I were you, I would scope them separate and then make copies of both files when you are done and merge or append the COPIES together. Many times when you merge files together you lose the audio. I have had them work when I merged them but I have also had the audio vanish.
Good luck.


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