Is anybody out there having problems with their Case Version 10 or 10.3 freezing a lot!? Now I can't even get it opened and my PC is saying that there was a malfunction with my usb device!!!!!!
I am so frustrated. I am pretty sure it isn't my PC because nothing else seems to be running slow or freezing.
Is anybody out there having any problems with this as well?

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No problems with 10.6 and I see there's a new update today. You might have a defective security device. You must get with tech support ASAP!
Thank you! How do I get the new update? Do I just go on
I haven't gotten an update notice. How do I get to it?
On each computer that you have Catalyst, run updater.
I click on Start (lower right) then All Programs, scroll down to Stenograph, then click CaseCat updater and it automatically starts. I get an email telling me the new updates are available.

As for freezing -- I've had the "error, Exception 3" pop up and also while working on my transcript, the screen went totally black on me. Talked to both Teri and Todd and both do not have an explanation for this. It is frustrating when you have so much invested in software and problems occur that they can't help me with.
The only time I've had problems is when I had an older writer and when my writer would back up to the disk I would have problems w/ loosing transmission to my computer. I finally stopped saving to the disk. Now I have a Mira and I have it set to back up to the floppy at the end of the job.
Good luck,
Yes, I have been having problems with connecting to Real Time on my PC. I do have Case Catalyst version 10. My screen would crash when I go to connect it. A blue screen with words would pop up. I been thinking it is my USB cable, so I ordered a new cable wire from Stenograph. I hope that is the problem. I hope it isn't my software or my PC.
If you are getting a blue screen, be sure and back up anything important b/c you may be getting ready to loose your hard drive.
Good luck,
YES!!! Backup, backup, backup!!! I carry my external hard drive and backup at least once a month.
WOW !!!!
I was getting the blue screen of death so I got a new usb to serial adapter and still new bluetooth drivers and it stopped for about 2 months and now 3 days ago I got it again and now the laptop shuts down and then when I start it the next day it says that it shut down because there was a fatal error or whatever. So I'm at the point that I bought a Mac and I'm going to instal Windows through Bootcamp. They say Windows runs better on a Mac....go figure.

It is very aggravating when we literally spend thousands and thousands of dollars and something goes wrong and nobody knows what it is.
That is exactly how I feel. And tech support is telling me that there aren't any bugs in the version 10! I have talked to so many reporters who are having the same issues!


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