I am potentially moving to the WA/OR vicinity in the fall. I am a student, and need to take the certification examination. What type of certification is needed to work in these 2 states?
Thanks so much for your input and responses. Also if anyone out there is currently working in this part of the country; is there plenty of work there?

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The Washington State department of licensing administers the test. If you have an RPR you don't have to take the test. Actually it's more than that. Any equivalent certification (200wpm) will get you a Washington State certification. Bring documentation down to the department of licensing and apply.

Check out their web site at www.dol.wa.gov for more information.

As for work in the Seattle area, some people say there's no work, and some people are swamped. However the general consesus is that in general a new reporerter can find work, but not necessarily enough to pay the rent right away.

Oregon needs no certification

Allan Dyer
Stenograph Authorized Service Provider
Thanks so very much for your response and link!!
Have a great day!


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