Has anyone ever heard a judge make the comment, "...spread on the minutes of The Court?"
   Sounds more like Roberts Rules of Order to me, and I've been reporting a long, long time.

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Huh??  I don't quite understand that one.  I don't work in court, though.  That doesn't make a lot of sense.  Do you know what he means????

Kelli, I have never heard that come from a judge in all of my years.  Maybe a parliamentarian has made a similar comment, but not a judge.  One of the counsel questioned him on it, but the answer didn't really explain it.  I don't go into court that often either, just occasionally when hired by an attorney to cover a hearing for a judge that doesn't have an official, and here in Tennessee it is optional for a Circuit Court judge regarding hiring an official.  Thanks for your comment, though.  Maryanne, any thoughts on this?


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