There has been a great deal of mud-slinging around this issue lately on other forums, and I, along with many others, would like to read the names of these agencies.  If it's legal in their state and they engage in it, then there shouldn't be a problem with naming names; right? 

And this is NOT intended to debate the issue but merely to help some reporters make an informed decision.


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Raleigh, NC.

Nicole, I started working with Esquire in 2005, and at that time they were a pretty good firm to work for, but since Alexander Gallo has come into the picture it has gone downhill, and I too have heard the same thing about the lousy reporters that they have been getting at their depos and thanking me for doing a good job.  I always try to stick up for the reporters and say, Maybe they were just having a bad day, I have them too.  The way it's looking I think a lot of Esquire's reporters that have been with them for a lot longer than me have moved on since the Alexander Gallo big rip off of the reporters.  I've actually had an attorney tell me that I would be surprised at what they charge the attorney and what they pay the reporter.  And for the attorneys that are complaining about the lousy reporters I would love to tell them perhaps they should stand up to the insurance company/adjusters and tell them they are actually getting cheated and not saving any money.  The insurance companys are also telling the attorneys what to do, they have to type a lot of their own documents, they will not pay for a secretary or paralegal to do the work, only the attorney.



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