Reporter Kicked out of Court for Wearing Gold Disco Pants....

I thought it looked a little tacky.  I saw this on AOL and thought I'd share.

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You look over to the left you see a guy looking at her, scratching his ear.  Those pants are right in her crotch. 

Didn't she ever hear the term "dress pants"?  If she is certified, where the hell is her common sense!

Maybe she thought it was casual Friday?

I am a size 6 and I would never in a million years wear something like what she has on.  Granted she is not fat (thank God) but you still need to respect your environment and your job.  Definitely scratching my head.  Yes, I have a name for this reporter but leaving it to myself even though it's all over the internet....

Sometimes you have to say, "What were you thinking???"

Everyone simmer down!! This is a story about a news reporter, not a court reporter. 

Nothing says murder trial like gold disco pants!

Glad she is not a court reporter.

When I was at the criminal court complex back around 1986 a group of blacks on some had some criminal business (my memory is foggy).  There were news reporters there to tape it for the most interesting news.  When the blacks were done in court they were out in the parking lot, happened to find the court reporters parking (about 20 parking spots reserved for the court reporters), and they were out celebrating. One of the reporters came in and told us, and we were looking out the window and laughing.  Those blacks thought that was the parking for the news reporters.

Say what?  Not understand Mary Jo's comment above, but I read this story the other day.  I wish they would change the article to indicate news reporter instead of court reporter.  It seems nowadays everyone is being called a court reporter.

Oh, I thought it was a court reporter.  Still, the choice is tacky.  Glad to hear court reporters have a little fashion sense.

What, you think court reporters can't be tacky?  hehe.


Like, uh, do they know what the letter, "P," in RPR means?

I've seen bizarre, unprofessional, clothing in other deposition rooms at excellent law firms; such as: 

     Pink and silver sneakers reporter wore all day, even throughout law firm (to ladies room, front desk, etc.).  Reporter did not have a medical problem with her feet.

     Low-rise, colored, jean-type slacks (skin is visible when reporter moves)

     Low-dipping tops (exposing breasts, large breasts, tattoos)

     Hot pants (Yes, hot pants.  For those who don't know what "hot pants" are, they are shorts (also called short-shorts), about the length of a miniskirt or shorter.  The way this RPR wore them was with a sweater vest, almost to her knees, open in front, to quite clearly expose the hot pants {short-shorts}, also with boots.)

I am not a "prude," but I don't understand why reporters dress so disrespectfully to themselves, to the agency they represent, and to the law firm where they're working.

Are not the schools teaching reporters how to professionally dress?

It sure *ain't* what you'd wear to the gym or dancing on a Friday night!



Yeah, I agree.  I saw a reporter wear what looked like she was going to the beach. 

I also saw one reporter recently who I know is a very, very experienced reporter and it looked like she just got out of bed.  I'm not so much talking about the clothing because I don't remember what she was wearing because I was looking at her hair; it was so oily and stuck to her head.  She also had lint in her hair.  Definitely having a bad day.   It was shocking.  I wonder if people look in the mirror before they leave the house.

Kelli, when you reach a certain age you avoid looking in the mirror too much!

Let's just hope  she slept in and raced to get to the job on time, and it was a one-time event.

That hot pants outfit is ridiculous.   These ladies need to express their fashion sense in their private lives.  I always strive for conservative clothes and closed-toed shoes even (reasonable minds might disagree on that).  I think the clothes make the person, and a court reporter needs all the respect they can get.  Clothes can go a long way to saying to others I take my job seriously and deserve decorum.


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