I'm finally trying to make my numbers make sense numerically so that I can take the CRR.  I am looking for other reporters who write their numbers as words to make suggestions on how they get their numbers to translate into numerals.  I have times down and years.  I need to know how to make my numbers translate 100% or close to that without using the number bar.  Is it possible?  I'm a complete stranger to the number bar.


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I agree, I've been working too hard and my body can't take in anymore.  I need to find a way to make my software work for me.  I'll ask the StenoCat 32 Group.  

Thank you both again for your input!  Have a nice afternoon!

I didn't learn to use a number bar either.  That was back in 1976.  What seemed so significant then (when we were being taught to use it), a few months later became so insignificant.  It took more time to think about getting my pinkies in the right spot than it was worth. 

Ain't no shame in not being a number bar user.  I took it off my writer because my pinkies kept hitting it and messing me up.

I really like spelling out my numbers it is really easy to get them right, you never worry about hitting the "wrong" key.  I didn't even worry about this until real time and the CRR.  They won't accept the verbatim words, even if they are verbatim, they must translate to the actual numericals.  I don't like the number bar because it is so foreign to me.  I am amazed at the reporters who can use it.  They do have so many more options for numbers because they can use the words with the number bar.  After 24 years, plus school, of not using the number bar, I'm not wanting to learn it now, but I do want to find a way to have my numbers translate clean enough to pass the CRR.  It's a goal of mine, must not sure I can make it happen.

Stenocat has a realtime dictionary, so if you choose that as one of your dictionaries during the job, there's special strokes you write after you write the numbers so it converts them.  You do need to learn to leave out the word "and" when writing two hundred dollars "and" seven cents or it won't convert correctly.  Have fun!  I'm still working on converting them.  When I passed the CRR they didn't have very many number conversions that were necessary.  It seemed they were more concerned about 1-10 being written as numerals or words.

You need to define your numbers as numbers, not as words.  I have one set for words one through ten, and then 1-99 defined as numbers. The program should glue them together.  I Don't have a number bar either and my numbers come out just fine.  It's a matter of defining them correctly in your software.

I really appreciate the time that all of you took to help me look at different options to solve my number problem.  Thank you very much!  The suggestions are very helpful.


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