Read some prior posts recently from years ago where reporters were not getting paid from this firm - DCR Litigation Services.  Then I heard of videographers not getting paid from her - Annette Duke.  Now I'm in the same boat.   She owes me a LOT of money.  I worked for her for many years.  She's underpaid me in some cases, i.e., $40 for a last minute cancel.   $3.40 for ALL cases whether it's P.I. or expert.   

Any information anyone can share with me? Thanks.

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I have had a recent experience and eventual success in small claims against her.  Feel free to call me or e-mail.  916-447-6364

Thank You Barbara. I called her clients and evidently one of them contacted her for she called right away. Was unpleasant but says will pay by June 26. If not I will take you up on your offer. Thanks!

I would be surprised if you got paid that easily.  Good luck.  Stay on top of it.

Barbara you would correct about them not paying. I had them served with a small claims filing a couple weeks ago. 

And wait until you meet her in court!!  As I told you on the phone, she is very aggressive -- interrupting me and interrupting the judge.  Quite a piece of work.  No doubt she will seek a continuance but then call to "settle" which in my case meant not the whole amount owed but deducting her expenses because she was of the mistaken belief that she would get her expenses back.  That was an expensive lesson for her.  The judge shot her down in a minute.  She told the judge in court that she would not offer to pay the full amount, but deduct $750 for the hotel, airfare and car rental.  Oops.  That made her look stupid.  And then of course, as I told you, her next excuse for not paying was that I was "hoarding" my check.  Sure. Spending all that time trying to collect and hoarding at the same time made a lot of sense.  And her perceived "hoarding" period was less than two weeks.  She's a bully.  I hope other reporters will take heed and not work for her.  The headaches are not worth it.  Good luck.  Let me know how it goes.

Just now opened today's mail and she did file for a continuance!

Thanks for your help

Email everyone you know to put her on their "NO" list.  I have heard of many, many reporters who have been burned by this firm.  

Do I have her pegged?  Her reason for an extension in my case was her "Busy Litigation Schedule" for the next three months (maximum extension time).  Laughable.  Does that mean she's in court every day for three months defending a small claims action?  My understanding is that she is no longer a working reporter, so what else is she doing in court?  Good luck.

I had done a few jobs back quite a few years ago and got paid.  Then in January, I did two telephonic hearings which were super short.   I didn't know anything about this but just happened to do a search on them because it had been so long and yup, that's how I found out.  I have been very kind to them....whoever's email is "manager" inquiring about payment and asking if they have more telephonic hearings for me to do as I love doing them.  My idea was if I could take one more job for them, then I would not hand over the transcript until they paid me upfront as well as the two other jobs.  But I haven't had the opportunity for that to happen.  I'm not out that much money so I'm sure that's why I'm just being more patient.  I send emails every week.  Once I called, left a message and then got an email response right after.  It's always the same story, the "manager" is only in on Thursdays so that's why the lack of immediate response.  They would always say, "I will check on it for you" and then no response.  Then a week later, I write and they said check number so and so has been cut and will go out Friday.  Then a week later, I say I have not received it, and they say they will check to make sure checks have gone out in the mail.  I haven't let on that I know anything, just trying to play dumb and saying I really just need to get paid.  Then yesterday, I did actually get a check.....for $200.  That would have been the per diem for the hearing and not the pages, although I don't care as the trans were only maybe 15 pages.  So I wrote back and said a check did come but I did two hearings for them, and so I am still owed more.  So that's where I'm at.  I had the idea also threatening them and saying I will call the client to see if they know about how shady they are....I'd rather not do that, but I will just continue to email and email, and hopefully they will just get sick of me doing it and just pay the other $200. I actually surprised they even paid the me $200 after hearing about this from you all.  I think the best thing to do is to call as many of their clients as you can and inform them of what is going on.  Good luck to you all! 

DCR Reporting "Duke Court Reporting"

Just got back from small claims court. For some reason the Judge let Ms. Duke appear via telephone. She never once denied owing the money claimed. But told the Judge that we had erroneously sued DCR Litigation Services which is a Corporation and that the case should be thrown out. But if I would agree to change the name of the Defendant to Annette Duke she would not contest the Judgement.

The Judge even seemed a little bewildered by her offer. Said it was up to me. If I would agree to this change he would award me Judgement plus court costs and Process Server Fees.

After thinking about it for a moment I said no I am not willing to make this change.  This may be a mistake on my part but if she was willing to do that, something nefarious must be going on. Guess I will find out in a few days when the Judge sends out his ruling. Worst case scenario I refile against her personally.

She probably filed for bankruptcy under her own name and that's why she wants to do that.  

She only owes me a couple hundred dollars but I wrote saying if I wasn't paid by a certain time period that I would be calling all of her clients and am also building up a list from other reporters of all her clients and would be calling them to inform them she is non-paying.  Of course I never heard back.  I would like to do that, actually get a list of her clients from reporters that have not been paid and start calling them.  Have you or anyone done that?


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