Can anybody tell me how to delete receiving e-mails for LA work?  Stopped going to LA

three years ago and just getting bombarded daily with LA work available, even though it says my membership for LA expired three years ago.  Can't understand why I'm still receiving LA e-mails.

Would really appreciate the help!!

Thank you :D

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You need to unfollow the group, maybe? 

Hi Amanda!! Thank you for trying to help me!  I've been to My Groups to try to delete way possible.  I've been to Cover Depos, hoping to click on it and unfollow!  It just wants me to renew; yet, I really don't need to, as I get loads and loads of e-mails for LA work.  So that just doesn't make sense.  I've visited My Page, Privacy Settings... you name it.  I've been trying to delete LA work forever now.  I've even written Kelli Combs, to which she hasn't responded to me.  Thank you, though, for reaching out.  I really appreciate it.  If you find out how in the near future, please let me know.  I know my phone won't blow up once LA e-mails are gone :D

Have a great weekend!!

Deana, go into your settings and uncheck the box to receive emails from groups and you will not get email blasts any longer.

I tried to take you out of the LA group but your name is not coming up in the group.

Well, I want to continue receiving emails for OC and Riverside County work.  CSRNation has truly been a blessing to be a part of and has really supplemented my income! Very, very thankful for your web site.  So I think if I click on no more emails, I won't receive them for the two areas that I need and want to continue to receive.

That's strange that my name isn't coming up. It's okay...I'll definitely just deal with the LA blasts....again, so thankful to you and for all the great work I get from this site!! Been a definite lifesaver!!

Thank you for trying to help....

Have a great weekend!!

I wonder if it's because agencies send the same job offer out to multiple coverage groups...? They could be including all the OC and Riverside reporters just to "cast a wide net," as they say.

They do.  Agencies will send emails to LA, Orange County, San Diego for the same job so it seems like a lot more than you want.  I can't help that.

Hi. I came here to do exactly that, leave a specific county. Go to Groups at top of page, click on My Groups, then click on the City Name by the box, then click on Leave Group.  I just did it and it worked!

Thank you Cynthia!!!  I've been wanting to know that

for a long time.  Much appreciated. :-)

She won't be able to do it for LA unless she wants to pay a 50.00 fee to access that group.


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