I'm trying to get information of files being deleted in V6.  I just emailed Eclipse and the tech stated he had never heard of such a situation.  I'm very hesitant to upgrade until I can get some clear answers....can anyone help?



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I upgraded to V6 about three months ago.  I have not had any files that have been deleted.   I've heard when using the Connection Magic, which is online editing by your scopists online, that sometimes the corrections your scopist makes don't take and the work has to be done again, all the way up to 45 pages worth of changes.  That to me just means they have not perfected the Connection Magic feature and I would not use it until they do.  After all, you use that feature when doing dailies and it is imperitive that the corrections stay.

Other than that one issue, that's all I've heard.  I did notice when I first upgraded, I'd proof something, then get out of Eclipse, then go back into the job later and I would be back 20 pages from where I was proofing.  I thought that was strange, but I upgraded to the latest version of V6 and I have not had that problem again.  My girlfriend is also on V6 and she never experienced this issue that I just stated above, so it only happens to some people.  With the latest update, though, I think it's fixed.


Thank you for your feedback.  Tech support did finally respond and I'll copy the response here.  Came for Jeremy...the god of all tech people.

Auto-backup system could sometimes save the document without backing it up

Internally, the system actually has two systems, an auto-save and an auto-backup. Since most users never changed the timing on the auto-backup, this bug wasn't noticed by most people.

The auto-save for the jobname.ecl file triggers every 10 minutes and there's no way to change that. The auto-backup interval can be changed.

However, changing the auto-backup to a number greater than 10 could cause it to make backups very infrequently: If you had the auto-backup set to 15, for example, it would save after 10 minutes, and after 15 minutes it would go to make a backup. However, if the document hadn't been changed since the save, it wouldn't bother re-saving it, and wouldn't make the backup, either.

In order to avoid these sorts of timing problems, the timing has been unified and limited: The auto-backup interval is now limited to being in the range of 10 minutes to 30 minutes, and will now always trigger both the save and backup functions simultaneously.

This issue was corrected in version We are now currently on There are no reports that I have heard of Eclipse deleting files in this version of the software.

Oh, there you go.  I knew they fixed some stuff with the latest version.  I absolutely love not having to use that key personally.  I need the USB port for other things.  I say go for it.  You should be fine now.


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