DEPOSITION/COURT RECORDER REPORTER 5000 Digital Conference Recorder/transcriber 4 Microphone Package

Has anyone used this product?  I'm thinking it would be great for hearings.  It's VERY expensive.  You can synch the audio w/ your computer if you need to. 

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Janice, I've got to figure out how to see how mine IS set up.  LOL

I just purchased this recorder.  It does have the best audio I have ever heard.  It is similar to what you get from a good videographer.  I have only tested it at home.  I will use it at a depo next week.  I bought the package w/t the microphones that can be daisy-chained.  They have good quality too.  I got the microphones for when I cover arbitrations and things are very spread out.

I think I'm going to really like it.

Okay.  I've been using this digital recorder as my emergency backup.  I just listened to quite a bit of recording on it.  The sound quality is amazing.  This depo had a pretty loud fan going.  The videographer was at the end of the table.  He sounds very clear.  The attorney was a mush mouth and he sounds very clear.  I was sitting right by him and had trouble understanding him.

The doctor was very quiet and the digital recorder did a great job of getting his voice down.  The other attorney basically whispered his objections and the recorder got it.

It's well worth the money.  


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