I know this is a pretty general topic, but I was just looking for some feedback on depositions. Any tips or pointers you have would be great. What should a new reporter expect at their first depo?


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I'm afraid that I find this question too broad to even attempt. What specifically would you like to know? Do you have questions about marking exhibits, swearing in the witness, or something else?
Thanks you guys. I knew when I put this question out there it was way too broad. How about some advice on handling exhibits. What goes on the stickers? Where do you place them? What do you do with the exhibits after the depo?

What is the wording you use to swear in the witness?

I think those are my general questions.
Kelly, I am a friend of your mom's. If you ever have any questions, you can call me. Get my phone # from her. Melanie
Thanks, Melanie! Will do!


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