Which would you rather have?  Can't have both.  The writer is $5,095.  With the $700 discount, it is $4,395 plus tax.


How much did you pay for your Diamante?  What kind of deal did you get, if any?  Are there any remaining issues/problems with the writer?


There is NO RETURN POLICY -- which makes me totally leery for such a $$$$ investment.


I'm trying to decide whether I want a new writer, not that I need one.



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M.A., you can take your self-righteous ethical BS somewhere else, because I really don't give a flying f-ck what you and your hypocritical ilk think or say, okay?  So save it for your sheeple.  I've had it up to here with you and your kind.  Don't preach to me again -- EVER.

I brought up this deal to a regional sales rep at the convention, and he denied knowledge of it and said he was sure no rep had the authority to make that offer; there was an offer like that earlier in the year, but it ended in February. I'm not saying I believe him more than your rep, Quyen; just putting it out there. Whatever. Kind of typical with sales guys.

I wound up going with one of Stenograph's competitors who offered a better deal and gave me a 30-day return window (ProCAT and their new Impression).

But thank you for the offer. And for the record, I would have had no problem going along with the group discount idea.

I see MA's point about not taking away a rep's commission. But I'm sure you didn't intend that nor would the sale even be written up without a split commission. That's how these things are done in my experience with business, anyway. I'm also sure that Stenograph, like many corporations, can afford to give much more discount than they offer and still make healthy profit. So more power to you for trying to get a greater discount.
Oh, yeah, that's exactly what I intended to do, deprive the sales rep(s) of their commission.
Personally, I would take the $700 off.  I only buy things I need or really want, and I always just pay the full thing up front.  I am very anal about not wanting to pay interest or run into credit problems.  My AMEX always has a zero balance at the end of the month.  That's just how I am.  I do have school loans that I am still paying though.  Couldn't get around that one.  And I don't have a house yet, just renting, so no mortgage yet.
If you can get the 0% financing, there is no interest and you don't have to come up with a huge chunk of change.  That's the way to go.  But I also have two mortgages and need as much extra $$ as I can get sometimes.
The only time I've ever financed anything is when there is a 0% finance offer on the table, which I believe means there is no additional interest tacked on to the final purchase price; one could just split up the payments into however many months/years.  I don't mind spending the big $$ on something I really need, but this is more of a "new toy" than a necessity.  I like the machine I have now just fine -- well, with the exception of the number bar being a bit too high.

I never carry a balance on any of my cards, even from the day I got my first one.  Like you, I do not want to pay interest either and never do.  I also never finance anything, particularly major/large purchases.  The $700 discount does sound a bit more appealing.


Oh!  But now I'm present with another problem!  Hmmmm, I wonder if accepting the discount would make me an unethical wrongdoer . . . and whether it would bind me to do ALL future business with Stenograph.  Maybe I'll have to buy all my supplies and everything court reporting from Stenograph.  Now I'll have to reeeeeaaaally think about this.

it is super wonderful.  I love it and should have waited a month for that deal.  I only got $500 for my used Stentura.  I asked about financing and they didn't have anything.  so I would go for it.
I'd pay for it with $700 off  and use my 2% cashback AMEX Fidelity card credit.   So then it would be like $800 savings, when you figure in the sales tax!  Then I'd pay off the credit card the next month.

Lisa O:  The rep's e-mail is @stenograph.com.  Are you saying the deal might be bogus?  We've corresponded back and forth by e-mail several times.  His phone number is a Stenograph phone number with his extension.  I only had a couple weeks to think about/jump on it, because the offer was good only until July 31, so maybe that's why no one knows about it(?)


Sue:  That's essentially what I've been hearing from reporters who have it -- they all love it, as opposed to initially, when many reporters were complaining about the stacking issue.  I guess they've got that resolved?


Martha: I would have done the same thing, put it on my Discover or Citi card (I think I only get 1% cash back, though) and then pay it off the next month.


But this may all be a moot point, since the offer is probably no longer available . . . or may well be somehow a phony offer/deal.  Hm.

I didn't mean to say his deal was bogus, no, sorry. I just meant to say I don't think it necessarily transfers to other people (namely me, lol), based on the regional sales mgr's statements to me. :-)


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