Hey, I'm doing a short dispatch tape for my firm, and I was wondering how people would punctuate this. The officer is identifying himself at the beginning of saying something to dispatch, like this.. where Watson is Lathrop 15.

Watson: Lathrop 15. Foot pursuit.
Watson: Latrop 15, foot pursuit.
Watson: 15. 10-4.
Watson: 15. I'll take another DR.

I like it with the period, but they gave me a little non official transcript to go with it for the speakers and stuff, and they always comma when they're referring to themselves.

Other question. When dispatch says copy and repeats something, do you comma or period after copy? In the stuff they have there's nothing, just the space.

Watson: White male ...
Dispatch: Copy, white male ...
Dispatch: Copy white male ...


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Dispatch: Copy, white male ...
Watson: Lathrop 15. Foot pursuit.

Where they have Lathrop 15, (and he is identifying himself) - it looks like he is talking to Lathrop 15.
For all you know, someone who did the transcript before you, did punctuation anyway he/she wanted, and the
Lathrop 15, is what the other person did just because.

This is my thought.
Thank you. I agree about the other person doing whatever. The more I look through it, I'm seeing lots of missed punctuation. Thanks a lot, I agree with the way you have both of those up there.



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