I'm having a very difficult time finding an Eclipse software user that knows how to hook up to real time in the Harrisburg, York, Carlisle, PA area.  I've already contacted Mke Starkman and he can't come up with anyone.  We're looking for someone to demonstrate Eclipse with Bridge or Stenocast for a TRAIN session this coming Saturday from 1 to 4:00 p.m.   That area seems to be dominated by ProCat and CaseCat.  There HAS to be someone using Eclipse.

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Lillian, you may want to send your message out to the Eclipse users group as an email blast so everyone will get your message.

Most reporters here, it's not mostly a social group; reporters join their Cover Depo Groups to get their email blasts of work to their email address and that's it.  That's the huge draw of this website.  The social aspect is a second thought.  If you send out an email blast to that group, I'm sure someone could help you.  Do you belong to the Eclipse group?  If you look under "Groups" you'll find it.  Hit the tab to join the group or you won't be able to send out a message.  Include your email address so people can contact you directly.  You'll get way, way more of a response.

Thanks, Kelli.  I'm not a member of the Eclipse group.  I'm a CaseCatalyst user and I don't know that they'd allow me to join.

Anyone can join.  I assure you.  I know because I made the group.  You don't have to be a Eclipse user to join the group.

Super!  I'll give it a shot.

Lillian, I just saw this post.  Was swamped last week and did not visit this forum.  At this point it's moot anyway.   But had I known of this plea, I would have been there in an instant.  I'm on Eclipse, RT 99% of my work, use Stenocast, Bridge and LiveDeposition, and am a Pennsylvanian.  If you ever need demonstrations on Eclipse, please contact me.  I'm happy to do it. 

Thank you so much, Ann.  I will definitely keep you in mind for this area in the future.  


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