I'm looking for advice on ergonomic desk chairs.  Has anyone tried a Soma chair or any other brand?  Except for Office Depot and Staples, there doesn't seem to be any way to try them personally, you just have to mail order and hope it works out.  So any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated!

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I gave up on contacting Soma directly and found one of their dealers, Ergoprise.com .  I'm sending them measurements and pictures of my setup and they're going to make recommendations.  They carry all kinds of interesting ergonomic products and were particularly sensitive to the fact that I'm very small.  I suspect they're going to be very reasonably priced, too.  

I'll keep you posted.

thank you, I look forward to any information you find!!

Here's a product that I just ran across and am considering buying.  It's not specifically what you're looking for, Stacey, but it might help those of us who are looking for something that is portable and that would provide back support on jobs.


I have a Flexsteel Leap Chair.  Best money I've ever spent.I tried it at an office furniture store in Houston.  I'm in 8 to 16 hours a day as a scopist.


There are arms for police officers that swing entirely behind the chair and adjust in all directions that you can add to the chair.

you guys are AWESOME for following up on this.

I googled (not just a noun anymore!) soma and located a store in Santa Ana



as soon as I have time (ha ha when?)  I'm going to their shop on Edinger and Grand in Santa Ana to see about a good chair.  Web site has keyboard trays, too!!  I so very much need a good keyboard tray at home.

thanks again to all of you who kept this thread going!!



here's the Soma site for any of you who live elsewhere.




they have locations nationwide!

they even have a "court reporter" chair," it has a cut out between the legs for your tripod to get closer to you.  ck it out on their site!!



I finally gave up on contacting Soma directly. Instead I found a store in California that carries many different types of chairs, including Soma.  The woman I spoke to was very encouraging and helpful, and asked that I send her pictures and dimensions of my furniture, which I did, but I never heard back from her. In fairness, I haven't checked back with her either because my massage therapist is of the school that believes that a strong back can sit in any chair, pretty much, so I've been working on positioning the keyboard and experimenting and exercising more before I go to making that big investment without being able to actually try the chair first.

Good to know, however, is that the Soma chair is quite a bit less expensive through a retailer than through the manufacturer's website.  The website I tried was called Ergoprize.com .  I'm not sure they actually have a physical location, but the soma website has a page listing quite a few dealers in the Northwest.

One thing I do agree with that she said, I need to chair that fits a very small person. So if anyone does try the soma chair or any of the others you happen to be small, please keep me posted!


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