Anyone using this yet?  Good?  Bad? 

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Well, I ended up buying it this week and using it Wednesday.  Worked perfectly fine, was simple to set up.  I did it on my own computer I supplied to the atty.  Of course I was only hooking up to one, so who knows.  It did refresh on the Eclipse.  Love how tiny it is and that since I had already loaded the drivers for the RED, I didn't have to do anything else besides plug it in.

Hey, good for you! That's great to hear. Thanks.

I just got mine back recently after sending it for the update.  I haven't used it on a job yet, but I set up three netbooks last night and practiced with the TV for a few hours.  They all worked fine.  Now I'm not afraid to try them on a job.  I tested the blues since I do mostly LiveNote. 


If you have your reporter software options set up properly, you won't have any problems.

I have used Stenocast for several years and have never had problems.  Since there is not always a guest internet available, I carry the dongle driver on a thumb drive.

I have used it in conjunction with LiveNote Stream.  I have "broadcast" through my Stenocast Red to CaseViewNet, LiveNote and Bridge. 

Last week I even hooked up two Mac computers through "Parallels" (a program to run Windows on Mac) and it worked perfectly.  The clients were thrilled. 

I use CaseCatalyst and the Diamante.

That's great to hear, Carre.  Are you using the EZ Send?

I'm using Stenocast RED with blue dongles.  The reason I bought Stenocast RED is so, during a single session, I could hook up the clients who only want a wired connection AND those that are willing to use wireless.

The issues were with the EZ Send, Carre.  Everyone who bought it had to send it back for an update to fix the bugs.  That's why I wanted to clarify if you were using the EZ Send.  People might not realize you weren't referring to the same product.


I'm looking forward to using the EZ Send for my next realtime job.  I'm hopeful that everything will work as expected after testing it for hours at home.

Gotcha.  I look forward to hearing about your experience with the EZ Send product at your next realtime job.

So is it okay now to send all my dongles and things in and get the new version?

I can do that - just not before all the bugs are worked out.


Seems to be okay now.

This discussion raises as many questions as it gives answers, but it's certainly great to get the information.  Many times it's not asking the right questions that gets me in trouble with vendors, and after reading these comments I feel much better informed.  Sounds like EZ send isn't quite ready yet but RED is not being offered anymore for Bridge users; is that correct?

I've been using the EZ send with the blue receivers for LiveNote and have not had any issues.  Deborah, are you using the red and refreshing?  That seems to be where the issue was.


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