I got in the mail a form to fill out for a refund in a class action suit against Farmers/Zurich Insurance where they have to pay out $455 million dollars to its policy holders for making too much profit!!!  I would only get about $3 if I send in the form, but just had to post this in view of all the insurance company contracts for depos.

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Well, Kerry, I got the same letter and I would get more than you ;))  4 bucks for me :))
I got that, too.  I didn't send it in though.
Well, gee, if hardly anyone sends them in, I wonder who will get all that money?
I don't remember getting that letter.  I had also heard that almost all insurance companies deny coverage because they save money that way.  There is a percentage of people that will just go away and insurance companies make more money that way.  Pretty frustrating and almost criminal if you ask me.  We pay for coverage and then we are automatically denied that coverage.  Lovely!!


Only people who had Farmers Insurance would be getting the letter.

The insurance companies keep crying poverty............raising our rates.............and keep making more and more profit.

I know.  I do have Farmer's insurance.  I don't remember getting the letter.



Go online to www.fogelsettlement.com or call 888 538-5785.  I received my second notice the other day and decided to fill out the paperwork.  I almost put it in the trash thinking it was junk.  You may have just thrown it out or you will be receiving your notice soon.




I got it but I just realized I forgot to send it in.  Better find it!  I am getting a whole $94 because I had Farmers for many years.  The only ones who make money on these class action suits are the attorneys!!!


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