A while back I asked if anyone knew a software for playing back audio files in
variable speed and compatible with a foot pedal. And the popular response was
Express Scribe. Does anyone know where to find a foot pedal that's compatible
with the software?
I bought one from PC Dictate online. When I plugged it in my computer with
Express Scribe, it didn't work. The pedal and receipt do not reveal the brand
of the foot pedal. So now I don't know how to find a driver download if I need
one to make it work.
Is there a way around paying %400 for a variable speed transcriber software
with a compatible foot pedal?
- Elise

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I purchased the Infinity USB pedal from Martel Electronics. It works w/Express Scribe. It's plug and play but you have to have it plugged in when you open Express Scribe. Otherwise, you have to go into Control, Hot Keys Set Up, Control, pick the pedal, and then do the Wizard Set Up.

See if you can do the set up on the pedal you already have before purchasing a new one :)
First let me say that the info below is for the same Infinity foot pedal Stacy is talking about above, and she's exactly correct in what she's saying. It's very easy to set up just as Stacy said.

Then, I hope this isn't redundant, but since I can't open the thread to see what it says, here is a site I have bought from and know others who have bought from as well. They have the Infinity foot pedal for less money than I have seen anywhere else after doing much homework. The name of the place is Executive Communication Systems just in case this link doesn't work. I've also called them w/ questions and found them very knowledgeable and willing to help. Just be sure you clarify whether you want 9 pin or USB.
Good luck! Email me if you have any other questions, and I'll do my best to help you out!
I am sorry you could not open up the link, Kathy. :-(

Here is the discussion about the topic of a foot pedal that was discussed at length less than a week ago on this forum. There is some good information in there for anyone who needs to purchase and/or use a foot pedal.

If you copy-and-paste this link, you can read all about it. :-)

Thanks, Jennie.
Got the foot petal working now, Thanks Kathy. I see you're on StenoCAT 32. I'm looking into learning how to configure text streaming and learining about how to do realtime remote conferencing via MS Live Meeting. Perhaps
traveling to attend a StenoCAT user's group.
Do you know anything about that?
Elise, sorry to just be getting back w/ you. I, unfortunately, cannot help at all w/ streaming. As far as the StenoCAT user's group... uh, how do I say? I really wish this training would be given to all StenoCAT user's rather than through another individual group. I think I could learn a lot from these folks but am pretty anti-establishment in my thinking. So, again, I am of no help to you there either. Best of luck with both!
Here is a thread written last week on CSRnation about foot PEDALS. Click here: CSRnation thread about foot pedal

HTH! :-)


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