I'm a depo reporter in L.A.  I just finished a realtime depo where opposing counsel, One Christopher G. Lyster from Lacy Lyster Malone & Steppick in Fort Worth, Texas, stated that his reporting agency always gave him realtime for free.  He had never been billed for it.  I replied that I found that hard to believe, but he stuck by it.  Anybody work for the agency that does reporting for this form?  Are you really giving it away for free??!!

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Hey, Quyen, why don't you find my post called "Realtime Plus Rough" and put the discussion there so other rptrs can join in.

Yeah, Quyen,

Why are we allowing our hard work to be given away for free???

and even how do we know the attys are not being charged for our

hard work, but that the agencies are just not paying us for our hard

work???  A conundrum to be sure!!

have you heard of realtime being charged as a one-day charge?


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