I take issue with attorneys who don't order a transcript, but then they get a free electronic version from another attorney in the case emailed to them.  In my opinion, this is nothing short of theft.  I know it's done all the time (which doesn't make it right), but has anyone ever put a disclaimer on their electronic transcripts about prohibiting this??  If so, what does it say??

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Hi, Robin,

You may want to look into your state's C. P. L, Criminal Procedure Law, or your state's statutes, under Theft of Services.  You may want to type a little blurb of that as part of your E-mail signature line.

Thanks, Deanna!  I'll look into that!

I would put in a blurb to each attorney getting the transcript that your transcript is protected by copyright law, any attorney receiving a copy without permission and without paying for such copy will be prosecuted for theft.  When you find an attorney who has a copy and did not pay for it, email him a notice of such blurb, along with an invoice; then call him.

Thanks, Mary Jo, but I don't think it is protected by copyright law unless you file and pay for a copyright of each transcript through the USPTO.

Hi, Mary Jo,

Check to see if, in your state, transcripts are protected by copyright law.  The fed reporters lost that argument.  However, transcripts may be protected under Theft of Services.  A friend of mine uses that section's language in her E-mail sig line.  Worth looking into.

I just checked into this, Deanna.  There is a code in our state for this and I'm going to use it!!  YAY!!  Thanks so much!

My pleasure!

It's actually a Class C Felony here.  Think I'll keep a copy of that code in my bag from now on!!


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