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The Georgia Judicial Council took actions against the interests of official court reporters in Georgia.

The following blurb is from the website of the Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association:

"All Line Items Were Passed.

"The Judicial Council met today at the Carter Center. As you know, on the agenda was the final vote on the revised recommendations of the Court Reporting Matters Committee."

"The scheduled 30-minute presentation and vote took well over an hour with much debate. Reporters need to digest these regulations and study their ultimate ramifications.

"We will bring you a more detailed report once we’ve had a chance to further study and post questions to help clear up any ambiguity that may come from the passage of these recommendations."

The specific actions taken by the Georgia Judicial Council are detailed in a very long pdf file on the internet.

The long on-line pdf file is at https://georgiacourts.gov/files/judicial/Judicial%20Council%20Mater...

The pages of the long pdf file dealing with changes in policy regarding Georgia official reporters are contained on pages 81 through 112.  You can use the bar at the right side of the page to quickly go to page 81.

We will all await the report of the Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association in regard to the actions of the Georgia Judicial Council.


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Here is a link to the things that the Georgia Judicial Council took actions on which were not favorable to official court reporters.

Go to http://www.dailyreportonline.com/id=1202661949175/Court-Reporting-P...


There may be the first court test of the Georgia Judicial Council's new court reporting rules tomorrow, April 22nd.

Go to http://www.dailyreportonline.com/recent-news/id=1202723985861/Lawye...



Lawyer loses bid for free transcript copy, promises appeal.


Thanks for sharing the info.  I know I should read all the details, but I did read the article about the attorney earlier this week.  I think if officials are asked to provide free transcripts because they are already being paid, they should be given the time to do all of their work during regular 9-5 business hours.  The Courts would need to hire scopists and proofreaders and/or double the number of reporters and create a reporter pool in each courthouse.  Obviously court administrators know transcripts get produced after hours because reporters are in court all day.  


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