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Court Reporting Schools in the New York Area
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Just when it seems Artificial Intelligence is automating the world around us Humans are making a comeback in an important corner of the world.

In the 1990’s there was movement to automate the role of the Court Reporter. Because of budgetary cuts machines took over the role in many courtrooms but it has now been found that the human touch cannot be duplicated. Machinery broke down, words were inaudible, outsourcing created problems with transcriptions. Sometimes proceedings had to be recalled because the machine had not been turned on.

Once court administrators realized actual court reporters were more effective in capturing the proceedings they also came to the realization that the prospective hiring pool had gotten shallow. The average age for a Certified Court Reporter is 51. In the next five years 5100 reporters will be retiring and only 1500 new professionals are poised to enter the field over the same five years. There is no better time to look at Court Reporting as a career, both financially and professionally. In only 2 to 3 years a student can walk across the stage to Pomp and Circumstance right into a career of Certified Court Reporter that pays an average of $89,000 in New York State.

In the New York City area are several schools that offer classes to students, enabling them to enter the world of the Court Reporter fully certified and qualified to start working immediately upon completion of the course.

In 1916 World War I was raging across Europe. While the soldiers fought the battles overseas Plaza Business School was founded in Long Island City by Charles E. Callahan and his wife, Anna S. Callahan, to primarily serve women who needed a career path through education while their husbands and fathers served in the war. A century later Plaza College has moved to a completely customized and state-of-the-art new campus in Forest Hills Tower in Forest Hills, Queens.

Plaza College has both Certified and Associate Degree Court Reporting programs allowing students to become skillful stenographers ready for the legal world. Students of these programs will hone their typing skills to 225 words per minute in stenotype courses, and study legal terminology and court procedures to prepare them for a versatile and profitable career.

If Facebook is any indication Plaza College is a favorite among students:

“The best thing ever happened to my life, is earning a degree at Plaza College, great Professors always ready to help making sure you make it. At Plaza College, you feel like family”.

“I enjoy Plaza College because you will have unconditional help. I feel more successful and well rounded. Now I can help my classmate just like someone helped me. Plaza gave me the light to a brighter future. You will always be encouraged to be the BEST. Failure is not an option at Plaza”.

“I have taught in several schools – but I have never been a part of a more amazing community of students, leaders, and educators. Plaza is a blessing to all!”

Established in 1992 The New York School of Court Reporting, is in White Plains, New York. NYSCR is an approved Eligible Training Provider for NY State Department of Labor. This is a true trade school. Their mission is to teach a valuable skill, quickly and expertly resulting in quick hire after successful completion of the required courses. While not able to accept Federal Loan dollars, The New York School of Court Reporting and Career Institute is relatively affordable and allows students to pay their tuition in monthly installments. Because it’s less expensive than traditional colleges the predictability of getting hired right after school in a professional career is worth the sacrifice and hard work.

Like Plaza College, students of The New York School of Court Reporting speak highly of their training and experience.

“New York School of Court Reporting gave me an amazing career that is flexible, lucrative and extremely interesting.”

“New York School of Court Reporting instructors placed everyone I graduated with in a job. 5 stars across the board!”

“The teachers and curriculum prepared me for an exciting and lucrative career and now they’re preparing my niece, who has chosen to follow in my steps. New York School of Court Reporting has become an integral part of my family’s future.”

Begun in 1968 the Long Island Business Institute offers the Court Reporting Course at their Commack, New York Campus, on Long Island. Their program is designed to provide instruction, technology, and skill building training essential to becoming employed in the field of court reporting. The program has received approval from the National Court Reporters Association.

The training at LIBI is challenging. To graduate students must complete a minimum of 65 credits of required courses, three testimony tests at 225 wpm; pass three jury charge tests at 200 wpm; pass three straight matter tests at 180 wpm with 95 percent accuracy, all tests are five minutes on unfamiliar material; transcribe ten pages of testimony in a two-hour period; satisfactorily complete an internship program which will include 45 hours of participation under the supervision of an official court reporter or a freelance court reporter using machine steno. These hours will be verified by the supervising reporters. Students will also complete 30 hours of class lecture. A 40-page salable transcript will be produced and graded. A narrative report which summarizes their internship experiences will be given. Upon successful completion students will have the skills and qualifications necessary to enter the world of a professional Court Reporter.

Should you be looking for a new career, or know of someone who is looking for a solid direction in life, now is the time to explore the world of the Court Reporter. There is a great need for professionals and certified Court Reporters. By starting now, in two or three years you will step into a lucrative and fascinating profession.

Diamond Reporting & Legal Video is always looking to add dependable, experienced court reporters, scopists, proof readers and videographers to our top-notch team. Please visit our careers page and get started on your rewarding career.

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