HELP - Computer crashed and I need ASCII files converted to PTX



I've had a complete hard drive crash on my computer. I have six transcripts that I need converted for a client as soon as possible. Is anyone able to assist me? I'm willing to compensate for your time.


Thank you,

Kimberlee Castro


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Hi, Kimberlee. I own my version of E-Trans, so I can covert the files for you for $10 each. If you have PayPal, you could send payment to me there. If you'd like to discuss, you could e-mail me at qdcsr at aol dot com.

FYI, RealLegal has sent cease-and-desist letters to those who have offered this service in the past.  However, with the newest CaseCATalyst upgrade, users are able to export to ptx format, which is AWESOME!

Just wanted you to be aware of the letters for the future.  If you want to help someone, more power to you; you just might want to do it in a private message.  That's all!

I purchased the software many years ago. They can't retroactively tell me what I can/cannot do with something I own outright just because they now want to cash in on their "subscription program." And I have never received any such letter.

I'm just saying, others who have posted on other forums HAVE received the letter.  There apparently is something in the user agreement forbidding you from doing it for others.  It's stupid, I know.

They're going to have to prove that user agreement was in effect 8+ years ago. Yes, it's incredibly stupid -- GREEDY, more like. And, if you can't do it for others, how did all the CR firms get away with selling the E-Trans as a part of their "litigation support package"? Just sayin' . . .

If they want to tell me what I can(not) do with it, they could give me back the $1,000 (oh -- with interest, compounded daily over eight years) I paid for it, and I'll be happy to comply.

Trust me, I know how you feel.  I, too, bought it many years ago for about $1,000.  Then I had a computer crash, and the newer version was out, so they made me upgrade for a cost almost as much as I originally paid.  Then down the road with another computer crash, they refused to give me a code.  I complained about it on the NCRA forum, someone tattled on me, and RealLegal called my cell phone -- not sure how they got my number -- and tried to tell me they didn't make me buy it again.  Then someone else posted the same story, and they started giving out the code again.  Of course, that computer is long gone, and, alas, I have nothing and will not be getting the subscriptions service.  But I will happily make ptx files from my CaseCATalyst now if I ever have a request for one.


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