Need help with a word in workers' comp. Sounds exactly like "ruffle" and they're talking about a right hand injury and being permanent and stationary.

A Because he was continuing to evolve ruffle to the right hand problems. Dr. Joe, of course, is referencing that he's permanent and stationary ruffle to the puncture wound, and he states that unequivocally in this report.

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I ended up putting what a couple different people suggested to me: referable. It's definitely not what he said, but I think it's what he meant to say and he just can't pronounce that word. I hate when people say words they can't pronounce! A lot of times, they'll stumble over it, though, but not the doc!

Was it trouble?

 I don't think so.  I ended up going with referable.  Thanks :)

Could it be range of motion?

ref-able - that does sound like ruffle

I think you're right, Keith.  I've heard referable used in that context before.


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