Hello everyone,

I am closing in on exit speeds in CR school and planning to take the upcoming NCRA certification tests, and I am hoping to gain some experience in the field.  I have been a legal assistant for about 4 years now, and I would like more than anything to devote all my time to court reporting.

I would appreciate any advice as to how to pursue training to be a scopist, part-time work as an intern, administrative support for a court reporting firm, or any other ideas for how to make court reporting my full-time focus.

Thank you very much for your time!


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Hello, Marian

There are tons of discussions that have taken place over the years for new reporters or people wanting to get into the field.  I would suggest you read through the discussions and blog posts and see what you can find that's helpful, because I know a lot of us have answered these very questions multiple times with other newbies. Here is one of them below.  There are also scopist groups on here and you can ask questions of any of them.  On the main page there is a group called "Scopists" with over 300 scopists in that group.  I'm sure many scopists wouldn't mind answering your questions.


Thank you!


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