I just took an IME and am unsure on how to structure the transcript. Last time I took one was about seven years ago and I don't remember how I did it then. The way I set it up so far is By Dr., and then QAQA. A friend told me she sets hers up all colloquy. What do you put in the index page and also at the beginning of the testimony page after date & start time? Any suggestions would be greatly helpful. Thanks!!

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I'd be interested in knowing, as well. An agency contacted me to transcribe IME's, but I had to turn her away because they were recorded on cassettes, and I didn't have a cassette transcriber. Working on rectifying that, though.
Give me your email, and I'll send you an ascii of one I've done. It's easier than explaining it.

Hello Veronica,

My e-mail address is amoralescsr@yahoo.com. Thanks sooo much!!!


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