These come in handy when writing long Bates numbers as well as product serial numbers.   This is an invention of my own.  I've shared it at seminars with Eclipse instructors, so you might have picked this up from one of them before.    These are major stroke savers.  It allows you to write a number like this 00002000 in just two strokes, leaving less room for error. 


While the fingering requires a little extra dexterity, it gives you the time to focus on more precise stroking.


You must hit the number bar with all strokes below:

Multiple zeros.  

2 zeros:     0u = 00

3 zeros:     ous= 000

4 zeros:    ousz=0000


10u=    100

10us=  1000

10usz= 10000

(ditto 2, 3, 4, 5)




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Thanks, Dennis!   That is a great system.  You must have wide keys to hit the -SZ.  I'll have to see if I can get over there on the regular keys.  :)


How do you define that in Eclipse?   Do you do {&00}, etc.?

Janet, if you just input it as follows it will come out as a number and Eclipse automatically treats it as a number:

0u = 00    (that is a zero and a u together, NOT A LETTER O.) 

0us = 000 (that is a zero follwed by letter u and s.) 


Since you typed a 0 (a zero) it automatically assumes that you have used the number bar to input the stroke.  Obviously you cannot use the letter O because although it is the same key stroke as the 0 (zero) it would not imply depression of the number bar.  Does that make sense?

That's even better.  I did think that was an O, not a 0. 


I have briefs for all kinds of words, but when it comes to Bates numbers, I'm stroking each number individually.  That slows me down so much while they are speeding up reading the numbers.  I do create briefs for the beginning of the Bates stamp numbers.   If it's something like ACI-UA000340, I'll do something like SWA*EU 000.  Now those strokes will really be cut down.  Thank you!!


Just a couple of add-ons for typing years and numbers using the same principle, all in ONE STROKE:

20u6 = 2006
20u7 = 2007
20u8 = 2008
20u9 = 2009

10u6 = 1006
10u7 = 1007
10u8 = 1008
10u9 = 1009

(ditto 3, 4, 5)


As all of you experienced reporters know, the key to writing steno is to consistently apply principles as opposed to hard and fast rules.  Application of a writing principle leads to the development of new steno outlines.  That's readily apparent with this number system.  It allows you to expand the use these strokes for other number sequences.  

Darn.  I don't use the number bar.
Keith, it's never too late to experiment.  Remember the most important rule:  There are no rules.

You're right about that.  But I don't know!


I use a combination, some written out, some number bar.  I got sick of the shadows and trying to figure out if it's a 6 or a 7.  Those I tend to write out. 

Keith, I didn't learn the number bar in school either and now I love it.


How are you writing 2010, 2011, 2012, etc., etc?

Wynne, I don't have a good brief for these numbers.  Always looking for a good alternative.  They are all two strokes for me.  Does anyone have something better?


20/10 =     2010

20/1u =     2011

20/12 =    2012

(u doubles numbers, 1u = 11. )


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