I am Looking for a product that is comparable to Etranscript or RealLegal. Is there anything out there new or used?




is anyone aware if even if such an animal exists.


I have an older version of RealLegal/Etranscript which I paid a lot of money for and the company will no longer support.


I do not know the exact price, but I had someone from my office call and they wanted something along the lines of $175/mo.   We did not get any follow-up info in the mail, although we were told that we would receive it.


I would be interested in purchasing an older version or if there's a competing version that I'm not aware of, please, if someone wants to be a good samaritan and enlighten me, you would make a new friend.


Thank you so much.


Chuck Carmody


or feel free to call tollfree

at (877) 646-2599

Local 215-646-2599






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pdf-it.com  Wonderful product! 

Min-U-Script - the first product that did condensed transcripts.  It is very user friendly and much cheaper.

Personally, I am ticked off at RealLegal and E-Transcript, because I too spend $1500 to buy the program and they won't support a computer with Windows 7 on my version.  I refuse to pay them the $175 per month when you are already a licensed owner.   Soon, there will be a lot more people in the same predicament and I am very interested to see what transpires.

-- anyway, I don't know if you received the first part of my message.

I was saying that I feel the same way.  I unfortunately feel the same way and they aren't going to do anything about it. 

They're just taking a cue from Stenograph and they know that they have us by the throats.  Unfortunately, my clients demand RealLegal, so once I lose my program, I am stuck.

I remember people saying the same thing when they came out with CaseCAT and Stenograph wouldn't support older software.   A few people talked about getting a lawsuit together, but I never heard of anything transpiring.  If you do, keep me posted. 






If they insist on RealLegal, can you keep an older laptop just for creating the E-Transcripts?  You can e-mail the ASCII from the new computer to the old one or use a USB stick.


Is there something in the software that has stopped working when you say they won't support it or is it newer versions of Windows it won't work with?


I bought Min-U-Script, and I send that out in a bundle with the ability to print full, mini, indexes, etc.  Unfortunately, I've still gotten requests for RealLegal after I've sent them the Min-U-Script.  They seem to get stuck on the familiar.  Min-U-Script is actually more user friendly, uses PDF that can be opened simply without needing any viewer.


I think you hit the nail on the head as far as using the older computer.

I think that's my best solution for now.




And where do you find Min UScripts?

Beth, just Google it and you'll find it.  I watched their tuturial and it looks like a great product. 


Me too.  Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit?????



How sure are you that your clients demand e-tran?  I thought that way, too, but I now think my clients prefer the pdf.it.  You can scan and attach the exhibits effortlessly (with not another $2,000 purchase for another module... sound familiar?).  Your clients end up getting a portfolio that contains a full-sized, condensed, word index, Amicus, and exhibits. 


Plus, you can upload your digital sig and never have to sign another transcript.


They offer a 30 day free trial.   www.pdf-it.com 




I have to look at it. 

The problem is that my client wants it to interact with Summation, Amicus and LiveNote.  I

I think I am going to go with Janet's suggestion of putting it on an older computer and using that for only RealLegal, Etranscript, etc.  Beats the heck out of $170/mo.  Someone else is likely to come along sooner or later.  They may be out there and I just haven't found them.  If it was just about condensing the transcript, it would be easy.


However, you did help with the pdf.  I have gotten requests and I've been able to fill them, but pdf-it sounds much easier.








If you just want to create a pdf of your transcript without the added features of pdf-it, cutepdf is free and works great.  It works as a printer.  You click print while in your transcript, then choose cutepdf as your printer.  You then name and save the file wherever you'd like to keep it.


Here's a link:



I like the price - free?  There's gotta be a catch!


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