I am Looking for a product that is comparable to Etranscript or RealLegal. Is there anything out there new or used?




is anyone aware if even if such an animal exists.


I have an older version of RealLegal/Etranscript which I paid a lot of money for and the company will no longer support.


I do not know the exact price, but I had someone from my office call and they wanted something along the lines of $175/mo.   We did not get any follow-up info in the mail, although we were told that we would receive it.


I would be interested in purchasing an older version or if there's a competing version that I'm not aware of, please, if someone wants to be a good samaritan and enlighten me, you would make a new friend.


Thank you so much.


Chuck Carmody


or feel free to call tollfree

at (877) 646-2599

Local 215-646-2599






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Bust!  Any other recommendations?


Cindy, try Alan at Otec.  I think it's $10.

Hi.  My name is Cindy.  I just joined this site and ran into your posting.  I would highly recommend MinuScript.  It is a wonderful program.  It offers everything that E-tran and the like offer.  You can send files in a pdf format to your clients, as well as ASCII format, Summation, etc.  You also have the ability to attach and link exhibits to your electronic files.  They now offer a repository, as well.  It is fairly priced and they have a great technical support system.   Their website is www.minuscript.com


Hope this was helpful!


Another reporter recommended this product/website (I think he posted on this forum; can't find him to thank him.)  It looks amazing.  I'm going to call them tomorrow.  It seems to do everything that Etran does, including linking transcript with video and scanned exhibits.  Check it out. 

Hi, Dennis.

Not sure, but that might have been me that recommended Clarity Legal -- if not here, then on some other forum.  I like the fact that it runs under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Feel free to report back here on your experience!

Glen, have you tried Clarity yet?  It looks pretty comprehensive and the price is realistic. It looks like it does everything that Etran can do but at a fraction of the price. 

Hi, Dennis.

Alas, I'm still a student, so I have only played with the demo.  I did hear nice things about it from the folks at The Mac Lawyer, though ....

But does it work with Summation?  That's why a lot of attorneys I know require the Etrans.

Just spoke to John, the owner.  Does everything that Etran does and more.  Also utilizes latest cloud technology.  It is compatible with Summation and other litigation support software.  You can work on several different platforms, including Windows, Apple, Linux, etc.  Here's a list of features:

Bundler Features
1. Build cd bundles containing transcripts, exhibits, and video files
2. Print transcript cover pages
3. Test transcripts before bundling or emailing to clients
4. Add case description information to transcripts
5. Attach exhibits to transcript testimony using keyword or aliases
6. Set start page number when printing word indices
7. Export encrypted and tamper-proof transcript files
8. Add exhibits links to transcripts
9. Open exhibits directly from the transcript interface
10. View Bolded question and answer pairs
11. Set line markers
12. Search for specific words in a transcript(s) and review search terms in color
13. Edit transcript lines to correct spelling and line marker information
14. Re-link missing materials using the Exhibit window
15. Set multiple preferences to customize viewing
16. Print single and condensed transcripts
17. Print word indices from transcripts
18. Printable PDF help file
19. Secure and fast SQL case files
20. View online video tutorials for easy, self-paced learning
21. All Clarity Legal (*.clt) transcripts are cross-platform
22. Easily edit transcripts for perfect formatting
23. Easy-to-use interface
24. Designed for use on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7
25. Low software license fee – $99

Yep, I use pdf-it too.  Great product and super cheap!

Do not contact OTEC for an etranscript.




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