One of the firms I work for is requiring everyone get E & O insurance.  I should have it anyway.  I need some suggestions on where to get it. 


What plans are out there? 

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Has anybody ever had to use their E&O insurance?  Because I'm not sure what the purpose is.  I had it for over 20 years and never had a need to use .  Just kind of curious as to the need for it.

The first year I got it was last year because Hahn & Bowersock insisted I get it, so I spent $800.00 on insurance and then I didn't even work with them last year.  Doubt I'll be paying for it again. 

In case the attorney sues you bec. they're looking for an excuse as to why they lost the case.  And, no, I've never used it, but that's why it's insurance.  With luck, you'll never have to use it.

Cita Insurance in Orange County is the cheapest I could find for E and O and you don't have to be a member of NCRA.

Hi.  I made a claim to my E&O insurance about 15 years ago to cover attorney fees and doctor fees after my machine and paper notes from a doctor depo were stolen out of my car.  (pre laptop and/or jump drive backup).  Luckily there were no exhibits and the doctor didn't have all the files he needed so they were going to have to take a volume 2 anyway.  

Ask your agent about an umbrella policy.   I can't remember whether it would cover E&O or not right now.  

Maybe one of the local reporter associations has a plan you can look into.  Try DRA, CCRA, and COCRA websites.  


You may not be required to be notaries, but you can be a notary anyways.  If so, apply for that notary, get the O&E. 

Hi, Bonnie,

I'm really concerned about paying for the health insurance.

Here is a link to who I go to for my CEUs.  It is $99 for 8 credits.  They file it with NCRA for you for the $99.  That fee is the early sign-up fee.  If you wait until the last minute it costs a few dollars more.  You do it online so no cost for travel or lunch out.

I hear you, sister.

Yes, now that I have just turned 55, I have been thinking the same things lately.  I still love court reporting, but times are definitely tougher the past few years than they have ever been in my working career.  As a freelancer, the firms I have worked with are losing clients to the big out-of-town conglomerates making promises of cheaper costs and providing gift cards and miscellaneous other freebies.  New reporters take lower rates because they don't have any choice, and some experienced reporters have to say yes to lower rates to pay their bills.   Attorneys are sharing copies more than ever, cases are settling sooner too. 

I am finding that I am jealous of those who work at high tech companies and have great perks, nice steady paychecks, matching 401K programs, etc.   On the other hand, I have no desire to sit in a cubicle staring at a computer from 9:00 to 6:00 every day either.  I really feel fortunate to be able to work for myself and take days off whenever I want, volunteer at school, go on field trips with my kids, or just spend the day by myself.  With the income I have made working a flexible schedule, I have also been able to save for my retirement and buy nice things for me and my family.     

It's hard to remember that we are lucky to have the jobs we do.  There are many others, including friends and family, who are in much worse circumstances. 


I would guess the notary E&O would only cover notary issues.  You might want to look into it carefully.  I prefer to live dangerously without it and try to be careful.  I'm thinking sending jobs to the cloud right at the end of them would be the best thing to do and cheaper than insurance. 

I back up at the end with a thumb drive that is on a chain that I wear around my neck like a true nerd.  So they'll have to kill me to get it, and then I'll be dead and won't care!  Exhibits are almost always copies and are replaceable.  I discourage attys from giving me originals.  Computers aren't that expensive, so the writer is the main thing.  But at 1400 a year I could buy a new writer every three years!


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