I called Stenograph, and they sort of got it to work, but I have to search all the extra lines and spaces and delete em!

Does anyone know a "correct" way to get a .wpd file imported into Catalyst?  I'm struggling with this one!

I appreciate any and all advice.  You can email me directly at stenotype1@me.com!

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I'm just curious.  Why do you want to do this?

I can't imagine that being anything other than a miserable job.   I copy and paste from PDFs all the time but I first "paste special" into Word and then paste in to Catalyst to avoid all the extra stuff that PDFs have like italics.  But even with that, words get smashed up together and it's easier to fix it in Word prior to pasting into Catalyst.  

What do you mean "paste special"?

"paste special" is a command in word that pastes only the words and no formatting.  So if you "copy" a web page and want to paste it into a Word doc, you do CTRL-ALT-V (as opposed to CTRL-V for paste) and that opens the "paste special" window.  Then click "unformatted text."

Why does your friend need to import a Word Perfect file into Catalyst?  

to create an index.  thanks so much for your help!

Trying to help out a friend!


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