Help me before I go completely bonkers!!!  I imported my user settings from older version of Eclipse into my new computer and was finally able to get the user settings in.  When I go to my dictionary, I see that my dictionary is also there, but today, the first day back from vacay, I started a job which came out completely goobley gook. You could only imagine how I felt when they asked for read back!   Ouch!!! Should I reimport my dictionary? Can someone please explain those steps as I thought I did it correctly to begin with.  Thank you for saving my sanity!!! LOL

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You should have checked this all out before you went on a job, BTW.  I've had this happen to me multiple times.  I delete the file you've got set up for your dictionary.  If you look at it in your computer, it will not have any of your dictionary entries in it.  Not sure why, but it doesn't.  Delete it and then search for the correct file.  You'll see it - look at it and make sure it shows all your dictionary entries and TRY OUT A JOB AT HOME AHEAD OF TIME befor you go on a job to make sure it works. 

I would have never taken a new computer out in the field before trying it out at home to make sure everything was working.  That's sort of a must.

Having been a reporter for over 30 years, I don't need to be told to check my equipment and software out before going to a job. I would never not do several test runs beforehand.  I am a very experienced and seasoned reporter who is having difficulty with a software problem and would appreciate any concrete help you can afford in that regard. Thanks.


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