Can someone let me know who is the best place to buy exhibit tabs.

I don't want whole sets.  I would like, for example, 10 A's, 10 B's, etc. etc.

I see many websites that offer the items, but I thought I would ask my colleagues.


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Try Pengad.  That's where I order all my supplies.

I had used Pengad in the past, but recently began using  I find their prices to be much lower than Pengad for exhibit tabs, and they actively want to earn your business away from their competitors.  I had gotten in a bind once and had forgotten to order a specific set of high-numbered index tabs for a copy order due on a Monday; they next-day shipped the tabs on Friday free of charge and were happy to do so.  Excellent customer service experience on my end and I won't order from anyone else now because of it.  And I believe they offer free priority shipping on orders over $60 as well.

You people are awesome! I really appreciate it.


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